The self-powered IoT device


Collecting data from the water distribution network has never been easier. The brand new Fenix Hub combines the state of art wireless IoT communication  with the innovative power supply, which replaces the need of changing batteries and digging for grid connections.


The Fenix Hub is a self-powered IoT device (RTU / Datalogger) designed for the water sector. With its built in – hydro based – energy harvester, the Fenix Hub efficiently transforms a small part of the energy in the water pipeline into accessible electricity, thus it enables measurement where it’s most needed and not only where there is access to electricity.


The new Fenix Hub is developed to meet the needs of the modern remote measurement strategy, which strive towards real time data transfer and a high sensor density. In practice, this put high expectations on the power supply to be flexible, durable and cost effective.  This enables water utilties to adopt a smart water distribution strategy and working with DMAs or other measurement strategies becomes so much easier.


The energy harvester is available in two sizes depending in the energy need and the local circumstances. The two alternatives can be viewed  above, D100 to the right and the G50 to the left.


In combination with the LoRaWAN or NB-IoT sensor node the Fenix Hub gives a superior ability to collect data from all parts of the water network. Its compact and modular design enables the utilities to capture multitude of parameters from the pipes, such as flow, temperature of pressure.

How It Works

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The unique benefits that Aqua Robur’s Fenix Hub offers

Wireless leak detection, smart water meter

Putting Fenix Hub in a context 

Wireless leak detection system, flow meter, smart flow meter, smart water meter

In order for the Fenix Hub to be deployed widely, proper compatibility with the surrounding environment has to be ensured. Let us tell what we think are the key components of this.


Compatibility for the Fenix Hub 150 & 200 is about being able to connect with external sensors for flow, pressure, temperature and more as well as being able flexible with the collected data. Sensor & meta data can be visualised at Aqua Robur’s dashboard or fetched via a restAPI or OPC for further distribution to SCADA systems or web based platforms.


Compatibility for the Fenix Hub 50 & 100 is about being able to connect with external RTUs and data loggers. Therefore, we’ve made sure it can work with a wide range of voltage levels and energy demands.

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No long cables or drained batteries

The Fenix Hub is easily installed next to the measurement devices. Aqua Robur Technologies has formost been innovating around two factors, ease of use and pressure drop. The product allow for installation in extremely inaccessible thanks to the thin section of the pipe it require. The design of the turbine and the generator gives a key advantage, a low pressure drop.

LoRa, LoraWAN, NB-IoT, SigFox
Aqua Robur Fenix Hub installed with external RTU

Compatible with external data loggers & RTUs


The Fenix Hub 50 & 100 can be coupled with external data loggers and RTUs from various brand to enhance the performance of the RTU. Performance can be increased by number of sensors connected, intervalls of samplings and transmissions, which a battery powered solution cannot offer.


Moreover, the cloud based software that comes with the Fenix Hub enables you to make the most out of your collected data and act upon events with data-driven decision. The software is designed to be compatible with other major software for remote measuring which enables configuration of various parameters from other platforms as well.

Enables you to measure anywhere


A modern measurement strategy for a water distribution network requires you to collect real-time data from all parts of the network, not only where you already have access to electricity and fiber optics. With the Fenix Hub this is no longer a problem, you can simply pick the most strategic locations to measure at and add a measurement node as the Fenix Hub powers all the local units. This allows you to acquire a higher sensor density, to a much lower investment cost compared to a grid connection for power.


Furthermore, adding more measuring instruments to our Sensor Node enables the monitoring of not only the district flow zone, but of the pressure in the system, the water levels in holding tanks, temperature, water quality parameters and much much more.

Fenix Hub 200 installed to power and connect  a Siemens MAGFlo 8000 series

Compatible with various pipe dimensions and materials


The two different turbine sizes, G50 and D100 have their respective fittings. In this picture the fitting for the D100 turbine is displayed. This is a butt welded t-connection delivered with flanges, installed next to a flow meter. The installation concepts for the different turbine modells work with various pipe materials and dimensions from PE110 and up.



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