Press release, 21 March 2019


Aqua Robur Technologies is awarded for its innovative technology to monitor water networks by the EU.


From the left: Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Niklas Wicén, CEO of Aqua Robur Technologies, Martin Holm, CTO of Aqua Robur Technologies.


Ensuring continued access to clean drinking water is one of the major challenges facing Europe in the future. On March 21, the Swedish company Aqua Robur Technologies receives the European Commission Horizon Prize for Zero Power Water Monitoring, worth EUR 2 million, for its innovative technology to monitor water networks.


The lack of clean drinking water is a growing problem in almost every country in the world. The government agency Statistics Sweden estimates that 24 percent of the drinking water in Sweden is so called non-revenue water and most of it lost due to leaks and bursts in the water distribution network. In other countries that percentage can be up to 60 percent. Hence, the EU is investing heavily in technology that enables a continued and safe supply of water to its citizens. The latest addition to such investments is the EUR 2 million Zero Power Water Monitoring prize. The objective of the award was to find the best self-powered IoT solution for collecting data from water pipes for the purpose of discovering leaks and quality deviations in water networks.

“It’s very uplifting that the EU has held this competition. It proves that it takes water shortage seriously, and that there is a strong need for technical solutions to solve that problem. Winning the prize in heavy competition with other innovative tech companies from all over Europe proves that we have an outstanding solution,” says Niklas Wicén, CEO of Aqua Robur Technologies.


The winning solution is called the Fenix Hub. It harvests energy from the water flow to power local sensors and transmits data wirelessly with the built-in IoT connectivity. The sensor node can be fitted with various off-the-shelf sensors to monitor flow, pressure, temperature and more, depending on the needs and conditions at the particular site in the water network. The collected sensor data can be analysed through a dashboard or distributed to third-party solutions.

By installing several sensor nodes at strategic locations in networks, the water utilities get real-time feedback on pressure and flow deviations and can locate leaks to specific sections in the network. This is a crucial step in the process of quickly locating and fixing the problems.


The European Commission prize money will be used to make the Fenix Hub technology accessible to markets around Europe, and to develop certain features further.

“We have had pilot projects up and running for 18 months with multiple Swedish customers, and we are pleased with the performance of the Fenix Hub. Aqua Robur Technologies aims to be a leading player in raising awareness of the importance of reducing water leakage and water quality assurance. Within five to ten years we hope that our solutions have contributed to a lasting change, and that we have secured access to high quality drinking water for both Swedes as well as other Europeans,” says Niklas Wicén.


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Aqua Robur Technologies was founded in 2015 by the entrepreneurs Martin Holm and Niklas Wicén, among others, and is a company within the Chalmers Ventures sphere. The main product, the Fenix Hub, is a wirelessly connected turbine-powered sensor node that can be installed at any point in the water network, independent of the distance to the power grid or any other infrastructure.